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Budget Shortfall? Here’s How to Make Money Quick

My husband and I quit using credit cards 4 months ago because we found that we were using them to cover budget shortfalls, and as a result, our credit card balance was increasing, rapidly.  For the last four months, the budget has balanced and we have had room to even pay down debt.  This month, […]

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How to Be a Savvy Shopper

Today almost everyone can use a discount or two. Even now when money is tight there are still places that offer true discounts on items needed daily in your life. Getting creative and doing your homework before venturing out can help to save you a lot of money over time. One important thing to realize […]

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Renting Out A Room, Good Idea?

The following article is a guest post on behalf of MoneySuperMarket.com Coming up with rent or a mortgage payment each month can be tough, especially if you live on your own. You want to be able to pay all the bills and completely support yourself, but you might be a little short on cash at […]

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Can You Make Money By Renting Out Stuff You Own?

Many of us have wanted to purchase something, but couldn’t bring ourselves to justify paying the high-ticket price for it. One thing you could consider is trying to rent it out. By renting your dirt bike, four-wheeler, flatbed, camper, or even your cottage or a spare room in your home, you can pay off your […]

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Walking Away from Your Home – What Are The Alternatives?

Becoming a homeowner is one of the happiest events in many people’s lives. But when times get tough, it can be difficult to scrape up the money to pay mortgage payments each month. If you’ve accumulated enough equity, you can sell your home at a profit and get on with your life. But what happens […]

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6 Tips For Setting Your Budget Priorities

For some of us, budgeting is second nature. For others, it seems a nearly impossible task. There are just so many things to consider that it’s hard to decide where your funds should go. Setting priorities makes budgeting much simpler. But even this is difficult for many household money managers. Priorities are somewhat subjective, and […]

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Budget Tips For School Trips and Activities

Most of us have fond memories of the trips we took and the activities we participated in when we were in school. But when it comes time for our children to do these things, we may balk. It’s not that we don’t want them to have fun and educational experiences in school, it’s that they’re […]

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Are You Saving Enough For Retirement?

For many people retirement may seem like a distant event that doesn’t bear a great deal of consideration. Most of us realize that we should be putting some money away, but comparatively few actually do so. And those who do may not be saving enough. Too many workers continue to rely on Social Security and […]

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A Look At The Benefits of a Roth IRA

When it comes to saving for retirement, our choices can be a bit confusing. There are numerous types of investments to choose from. And there are several different types of accounts that are designed specifically for retirement savings. To someone who hasn’t done much investing, the choices can be overwhelming. If your employer offers a […]

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A Look At The Advantages of Renting Vs. Buying

In general, we have two options when it comes to having a place to live. We can rent a dwelling that someone else owns, or we can buy a place of our own. Home ownership is touted as the “American Dream,” but whether you should rent or buy depends greatly on your individual needs and […]

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