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Recession Survival: Clipping Coupons and Shopping The Sales

You might be asking yourself right now, how you are going to afford living in a recession. Yes, we are in a recession and many people are losing their jobs. Unemployment only pays so much a week, but you can make ends meet if you do some weekly or monthly planning. Grocery stores always have sales. If you use coupons with the sale items, you can cut your grocery bill by as much as one third. In some cases, you could cut the food bill in half.

Find coupons online or in newspapers. You can also join an online coupon clipping group or better yet, start your own group. For instance, if you print out a coupon for hot pockets that is worth $1 off and you wait until the store has 5 hot pockets for $5, you will get those 5 hot pockets for $4.

Another way to save money is to only buy things that are on sale and that you can find a coupon for online or in the paper. It is possible to feed a family of four on $100 a week or less if you buy things that are on sale and have an additional coupon. Some stores have double coupon days. This is another great way to save money by clipping coupons.

If you need clothes, you can look for sales. Some stores also offer gift cards or coupons for so much money off your next purchase if your purchase is so much money. For instance, one retail store recently had a sale on a Tennis Bracelet that sold for $90 (this is a luxury item and not a necessity, it is only used as an example). The sale was for sixty percent off and an additional twenty percent off at the register. Then you have a $10 gift coupon for a savings of $82.

More stores are presenting coupons for customers and more manufacturers are offering coupons. This can help in a time of a recession. If you keep clipping coupons and planning meals or shopping trips according to sales flyers, you can save so much money that can be spent on something else that you need.

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